With ever increasing market prices, 30 somethings are opting to rent their homes and invest their money, time & heart into their forever cottage. Kim Pittaway, from, quotes couples referring to their vacation homes as, "the place that we love", "their real home", and "our forever place."

More and more young people are looking to build a real home, less interested in trends and more focused on the quality of their cottage reflecting the quality life they want for their family. Kim's article continues, quoting Blair Eveleigh, “They want a smaller urban footprint, not a big home in suburbia. And they’ve made a conscious decision to buy where they can appreciate the natural setting with family and friends.”

When designing a home for a young family, there are some areas that deserve more focus than others. Keep the objective clear in mind, a forever cottage that breeds life, love & laughter. Their perfect escape, leaving the noise & clutter of the city behind.

Here is the one thing they shouldn't be without in the...


Mattress, mattress, mattress! The heart of deep, amazing sleep is the right mattress. Not the coolest mattress, or the most consumed, but the right mattress for your client’s individual needs. Finding a retailer that is invested in it’s clients comfort and well-being is key. Mattress suppliers that show integrity in both design and material will ensure quality sleep for a decade, if not more. The bedroom isn’t just for sleeping, think outside the box building a cocoon-worthy space that will come in handy when weather, or life, gets a little hairy.


If your clients have children, keep in mind that these beds will be used, and we mean used, for years to come. Don’t skimp on the protective aspects. Mattress protectors should be waterproof and high quality to endure years of use and laundering, not to mention pockets that actually fit the mattress. While these are particularly useful during the early years, they will continue to protect the mattress against spills and sweat for years to come. Pillow protectors are just as important, reducing the effect of allergens and extending the lifespan of their sleeping pillows. If you are brave enough, take a glance at our blog on why you really should replace your sleeping pillow!


Guest rooms should be treated as mini living spaces, especially since it’s likely that at a cottage your guests will be spending more than just one night. Don’t confuse convenience with clutter. Make sure you include the right accessories - a cozy throw for a little extra warmth & comfort, large euro cushions for sitting up in bed, and a fluffy, oversized robe to ensure everyone feels comfortable in the mornings, after a swim or when venturing out for a midnight snack. 


You really want to bring the lush feel of being pampered, you know that 5 star feel, home to the cottage. Invest in some amazing, long staple, ultra absorbant towels like our favourite from Matouk, 'Milagro'.


With a lot of cottage life being about the outdoors, make sure your high traffic bathrooms are equipped with easy to launder linens that will hold up under dirt, sand, snow and what have you. Choose tub mats instead of bath rugs and stock up on tip towels (tip towels are a little longer than a wash cloth but smaller than a hand towel.) We suggest at least 2 tub mats & 4 tip towels per bathroom, even in the powder room. 


Whether your cottage swim is in a lake, an ocean, a pool or simply a dip in the hot tub, extra large towels are a must have. Choose a light weight (for quick drying), absorbant cotton. One towel per person and a few extras for guests. 


Building extra bedding into the layouts are vital. They provide flexibility and convenience for last minute guests. Trundles are very practical, as are sofa beds - before you cringe, consider the Vangogh Collection, our personal choice when it comes to upholstered beds & sofas.




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