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You replace your toothbrush, your make up, your contact lens cases, your kitchen's why you should replace your pillow!

We replace the above things to eliminate hazardous germs and other unwanted icky things from our living space. We wash our sheets, or let's hope, once a week and our duvet every 2-3 months. Less allergens = better sleep = our best self! Not to be forgotten is proper pillow care and when necessary replacing your sleeping pillow. 

Did you know that studies have shown your sleeping pillow has more germs than an average toilet seat?!? 1/3 of your pillow's weight can contain dead skin cells, bacteria, dust mites & their feces. Incredibly disgusting - we agree! Don't let yourself be fooled, no matter how high quality your pillow might be, if not properly cared for & over time it can become anything less than sleepworthy.

What to do?


Step one in prolonging the life and quality of your pillow is to use a pillow protector. A pillow protector goes along way in shielding you from things such as allergies, feathers, and to absorb moisture and ensure a good nights sleep. They are easily washed, throw them in with your sheets on a weekly basis. Remember not to bleach your linens, as it breaks down the fibres and thus your pillow's protective layer. 



You MUST wash your pillow at least every 2 months. Use a delicate cycle, warm water, very little detergent and no bleach or softener ever! You can wash two pillows at a time to balance the machine. When drying, use a medium setting and dry individually. Examine your pillow and break up any clumps. Dry pillow for a second time on a tumble dry setting.

Washing your pillow keeps the germs away and prolongs the life of your pillow!



There is a simple test to evaluate the life of your pillow. Fold your pillow in half. If your pillow does not unfold itself back into shape it needs replacing. Need a little more motivation to make the change? 



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