Dea - Luxury In Every Detail

Dea - Luxury In Every Detail

Wishing you had a bed that ticked every box when it came to design, comfort, durability and price? Dea Italy is the finest in luxury Italian linens. Their exceptional craftsmanship creates bedding that is perfectly finished and perfectly durable. When laundered correctly, your sheets and bedding can last you a decade if not more, without losing their beauty & comfort. Importing European product in through the States adds double the duty, double the taxes, double the delivery time, and therefore double the retail price. We source Dea directly form Italy, providing our clients with efficient delivery times & a price that would surprise you.

Not a fan of traditional design, don't worry - Dea has a long list of matelassés, embroideries & finishing touched that can complete the most modern or minimalist design. Here are just a few of the unique variations in Dea's lineup.

Don't see something you like? Because of the nature of custom bedding, it is impossible to show every colour and design choice available and therefore tough to display online. (But nothing is impossible!) 

See something you like but don't have time to pass by the showroom? Email us and let us know exactly what you are looking for. We would be more than happy to help! 

You work hard, you play hard, you definitely deserve to crawl into a bed made just for you at the end of a long day! Learn more about customizing your bedroom here.




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