Invest In Yourself! Investing In Your Bed - What You Want to Know & What You Need to Know

Invest In Yourself! Investing In Your Bed - What You Want to Know & What You Need to Know

What you want to know is - is it really worth it to invest in my bed? The answer is YES! In fact, high quality bedding isn't just for the look, it can directly improve your overall health. The right mattress, pillow & sleeping conditions lead to a good night's sleep. Studies have long shown the solid link between a good night's sleep and good physical & emotional health.

What you need to know is, where exactly should your investment go - the mattress, the pillows, the duvet, etc? Your choice of mattress will definitely be the main element for a better sleep. Pillows & duvets are the runner up. While decorative bedding will always seem to come in last, in terms of delivering a "good night's sleep", there are many reasons to seriously consider spending a little time & money when selecting your top of bed. Here's the run down.

No. 1 - The Mattress

A poorly chosen mattress can result not only in discomfort but actual problems with your health. An old mattress, or one that is not tailored to your unique needs, can lead to serious health problems that range from more subtle issues like snoring, allergies & hormone imbalances to severe spine trouble. Look for a mattress that offers good support with pocket coils or a high grade latex and opt for a pillow top or wool topper to add an additional layer of comfort. When testing mattresses, make sure to spend at least 10 minutes relaxing on a mattress to know whether or not it will suit your comfort needs. Stay away from popular brands that offer memory foam-like technology, as they use harsh chemicals that can trigger allergies and other harmful reactions. A high quality mattress will last you at least 7 years and an organic mattress, made with integrity, can last double that. You spend a third of your life on your mattress, it is truly worth the investment! Consider these helpful tips for choosing a mattress from Get in touch with our showroom for extra help in selecting the right mattress for you, or browse a brief collection online here.

No. 2 - Your pillow

Your pillow is the culprit for neck pain & stiffness. One should consider their sleeping position when selecting a pillow. Soft fill for stomach sleepers, medium fill for back sleepers and a firmer fill for side sleepers. You need enough support to align your spine but enough slack to avoid feeling like you are sleeping on a rock. What your pillow is made of is up to you. Polyester pillows should be replaced yearly and tend to lump and fall apart easily when laundered. A good quality feather or down pillow can last you up to 10 years and is easily laundered at home. Organic wool & latex pillows offer great support and regulate body temperature. A perfect pillow is extremely rewarding both in comfort & health. Browse our collection of vetted pillows here.

No. 3 - Your duvet

Duvets are definitely worth investing in, but before you do so make sure you know what you want & need. A good quality duvet with a baffle box design will ensure the feathers/down remain evenly distributed. This is important not only for look but also efficiency in regulating temperature. Selecting the right amount of fill will ensure a perfectly comfortable temperature. If you run a little warm or even hot, choose a light summer fill that will keep you from overheating. If you are always freezing, a winter weight duvet will keep you warm and toasty on the coldest of nights. Feather is cheaper but good quality down is more efficient and lighter overall. Looking for a lower price point or prefer an alternative to down & feather, try a microfibre comforter. For more information on choosing the perfect duvet, read on here.

 No. 4 - A topper

A mattress topper can take make an older mattress feel brand new & adjust the support and comfort levels to match what your body really needs. They can also allow you to choose a firmer mattress for a higher level of support and give you the cushioning you need to relieve pressure points. Featherbeds create a sensation of comfort that some just can't live...or sleep...without. Browse our carefully chosen toppers here.

No. 5 - Top of Bed

Last but not least, the seemingly decorative aspect of your bed has great impact on how well you sleep. When it comes to your top of bed, sheets especially, consider the material and the source of manufacturing. For example, if you love a cool sleeping surface, choose a Percale cotton. If you love a silky feeling, choose a Sateen cotton - simply woven differently for a satin like finish. Investing in a high quality 350 thread count will always win over a poorly made 500 or 1000 thread count. Well grown and manufactured cotton is long staple & tightly woven. It only gets better with washing & wear and can last a decade and more. Compromised bedding will pill and thin, unravel and become scratchy & dull. While spending $100 versus $200+ might seem like the better choice, in the end you are losing out. So whether you sleep with a flat sheet, just a duvet cover or even a blanket - make sure you choose a product made with integrity. Brought in directly from Italy's finest, this the best bang for your buck!

We get it, your budget rarely includes an investment for bedding. It's usually last on the list, when the well has run dry. Seriously consider the benefits to your health & overall sleeping experience. Create an oasis, so at the end of a busy, stress filled day you come home to a bed that not only looks the part but truly feels like your own slice of heaven.

Sleep on it!

Feeling overwhelmed? Need a little extra help to make sense of your bedroom projects? Our unique concierge add-on service is what sets TOILE apart and is the absolute best tool a designer can have! Give us a call 514-486-2424 or drop into the showroom to ask us about all the little ways we can make your project seamless and stress free! 


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