How to Choose the Right Duvet

How to Choose the Right Duvet

Duck down or Goose down? Baffles what now? Loft or fill? Here's what you need to know when choosing the right duvet for you!

Duck vs. Goose

The key to a good down or feather fill is the age & maturity of the bird. Down from immature birds tends to have poor lofting ability & breakdown more quickly as it is more fragile. 

FUN FACT: While goose down is most often superior to duck down, if birds are of equal age & maturity, the finest down of all comes from the! It's down clings to itself creating higher insulation and is also hand picked (regulated) from nests without disturbing the eggs.

For more information on duck vs. goose, check out our past blog that settles the debate once and for all! Duck, Duck, Goose!


The quality of the sheeting is almost as important as the quality of the down. Choose a sheeting that is at least 200 thread count, well stitched and down proof to ensure that the contents remain in your duvet. A down proof shell also ensures that you won't be pricked by any feathers!


Weight will affect the warmth factor of your duvet most of all. Deluxe weight is ideal for cooler temperatures, while Summer or light weight duvets are better options for warmer temperatures or for those who get too hot when they sleep. A good quality regular weight duvet should preform well under all conditions, our favorite is the Brome duvet.

TOILE TIP: If you find your body temperature tends to change from time to time or if you would prefer to have an all in one option, check out the Söving duvet by Canadian supplier St-Genève. 


Loft is the number of cubic inches one ounce of down will fill, under specific conditions. The larger, more mature the bird, the higher the loft of its down. In essence, the higher the loft of your duvet, the fluffier it will be!

TOILE TIP: Choose a duvet that has a loft of 600 or higher to get a pouffy, magazine look!


Most duvets are made with a Baffle Box construction. A Baffle is an interior wall of the duvet that separates the down into individual compartments. Well crafted baffle boxes prevent the down from clumping into the ends or side of the duvet. Evenly distributed down means an overall consistency in comfort & warmth. High quality duvets can also come in a Channel or Delta Construction.

Down Alternatives

If you suffer from a feather allergy or are looking for an alternative down product, you are in luck! There are many options on the market that replicate the comfort & look of a down duvet. Synthetic down is an ideal choice and it is available at a lower price point than down. Wool and silk fibres are both natural options that help regulate body temperature and are usually hypo-allergenic. Our favourite alternative down duvet is a Microfibre alternative down duvet. For more information on the variations of alternative down check out our blog What Are the Benefits of Alternative Down?


Investing in a high quality duvet not only serves your individual comfort needs, it will last a lifetime if not longer. When building the perfect, dream bed - the duvet really is the icing on the cake!



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