How to Measure Your Duvet for A Perfect Fit!

How to Measure Your Duvet for A Perfect Fit!

 Duvet Sizing - The Struggle is Real

One would think that a queen duvet would fit a queen duvet cover. Logical enough, however untrue.

Picture yourself in a store of gorgeous linens. Having instantly fallen in love with the duvet cover of your dreams (or even worse, having spent weeks matching fabrics and having finally found said duvet cover of your dreams) you rush home to get it on your bed. Finally, your bedroom will have that perfect designer look! You wash it, you dry it, you press’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! You wriggle and wrestle with your duvet and it’s in! You toss it up and watch it fall effortlessly into place on your bed...not so fast. The duvet is slumped to one side and the duvet cover falls way too far over the edges of the bed. Then, you notice your shams which are also slumped over and looking ever so awful. You get a lump in your throat and cry out, “Whyyyyyyy?!?”. Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic but really, you feel cheated. You bought a queen duvet cover for your queen duvet on a queen bed, why doesn’t it look like it does is the magazines? It just doesn’t make any sense! Where did you go wrong?

Every brand has their own “standard” sizing, whether it be the bedding, the duvets or the pillows. While one company sizes their queen duvet cover 86 x 92”, the duvet supplier may use 88 x 90” when making a queen duvet. Supplier dimensions may also vary between styles and fabric. Finishing is also something to consider. Here are a few examples of sizing:







64 x 89”

80 x 89”

88 x 90”

104 x 90”


65 X 89”

82 X 89”

90 X 90”

107 X 90”


72 X 88”


90 X 94”

108 X 94”


Duvet cover sizing varies just as much as the duvets. While this should be common knowledge, it really isn’t. Most retailers don’t take the time to explain these variables and sometimes even the employees themselves don’t know. So, now what? Click HERE for TOILE's 5 Easy Steps to the Perfect Fit featured on Maison & Demeure and remember these three not so little words... DIMENSIONS, DIMENSIONS, DIMENSIONS!


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