Once upon a time, there was little to no access in Montreal to well crafted, luxurious high-end bedding. That is why TOILE was born! What started as an appointment based service to the design trade, 20 years ago, is now a street-front showroom, carrying over 200 brands of the best high-end, luxury linens the world has to offer and - is open to the public!

So, what makes high end linens luxurious? It’s probably not what you think. There are a few things to consider, when shopping for high-end bedding.


Many consumers assume, that because they are paying $100+ for sheets, they are buying something luxurious and high end. In many cases, that just isn’t the case. What may seem luxurious in the store, looks a whole lot less luxurious when it hits your bed and runs through your washer/dryer. While you do need to invest money for a truly good set of sheets, one must really consider more than the price itself and rather, get some background information on the integrity of the product, it’s origin & finishing. Otherwise, you might end up with a fitted sheet that never stays on your mattress, a scratchy flat sheet that can’t be tucked in and pillow cases that pill & mar.

Brand isn’t everything. Many well known brands are known for a reason - amazing design & impeccable quality. But many brands have dumped the latter in order to raise their profit margins. So, while you might have heard that a certain brand is all the rage and the absolute best, they might not deliver the high quality bedding you are expecting.

High end bedding basically comes down to the origin & finishing of the fabric. For example, with cotton - how the cotton was grown, picked & finished has a large impact on whether or not the sheets will wash well, wear well and how they will feel. High quality cotton only gets better as it is worn & washed, it gets softer & can last a decade. Poor quality sheets won’t make it past your laundering cycle and have a life span of just a couple years, at most.


Many believe that 1000TC trumps anything less. That just isn’t true. Again, you have to consider the quality of the cotton. 1000TC on a short staple cotton might seem appealing & look like luxurious bedding but in the end it won’t last and it won’t deliver. A 300TC made of a quality long staple cotton will surprise you more than you could have imagined. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not just thread count!



You are determined to find the best, high quality bedding Montreal has to offer. Make sure to:

  • Find a store that knows their stuff. Ask lots of questions & look for detailed answers on where their linens are sourced & the origin of the fabric.
  • Look at the quality & origin of the cotton, not just the thread count, brand or price tag.
  • Long staple cotton makes all the difference. Say no to short staple cotton, as it will unravel with washing & wear much quicker.
  • Be selective. Your sheets could last you the next 10 years, that’s definitely something worth putting time & effort into selecting.
  • Once you find the quality you are looking for, explore colour & texture. Worried about your investment outlasting trending styles? Opt for a higher quality sheet set in a solid colour & select a lower range quality duvet cover that you can see yourself replacing in 5 years. You can also choose less expensive accessories, like deco pillows & throws to adapt your decor to trending styles.
  • Most importantly, have fun with it! Purchasing high quality designer bedding should be as enjoyable as sleeping in it!