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Get Comfortable with your pillow

We’re on the hunt for that perfect pillow and as you might realize, it’s all in the head of the beholder. What works for one  person is absolutely uncomfortable for the next. We have found our favourites, some for that particular mushy feel, some for the firm and bouncy, and some for price/value ratio. ...Read more

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Fogo Island Inn - Organic & Natural

Way out on the coast of Newfoundland is an inn that was created as a trust to benefit a foundation whose mandate is the economic well being of the local community. This was the vision of business -woman Zita Cobb ...Read more

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Sheeting

How long should my bed sheets last? What is the average depth of a mattress so I can find the right size fitted sheet? How can I be sure my sheets won't shrink, and will continue to fit my bed after laundering?

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Bedding Elements: Down

The soul of every comforter is what we call the "fill". All decorative pillows and featherbeds are filled with various blends of down, feathers and synthetic fibers.
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Sleep Facts: Sleep is Happiness

Gretchen devotes a chapter to healthy habits that include ample amounts of sleep. She argues that a well-rested person is a happier individual. To get those needed zzzz, there are many tips that she shares to attain that sought after sleep.
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New Trends and Looks - Colour!

After a long winter, bright colours were a welcome change from the long grey season. While lavenders and greys were a staple in every bedding line, we saw brights such as deep turquoise, bold orange and kelly green.

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Tips to Buying Towels

Choosing a towel is a little like the fable of the three bears. This bear liked it super soft while the other bear preferred a rougher texture and the third bear liked it somewhere in the middle.
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