Which Is Superior When It Comes to Down - Duck or Goose?

The answer depends. 

Goose down is only superior when you compare two birds of the same age and maturity. 

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The Perfect Fit - On Site Measuring

You have decided to invest in the room that defines you the most, the one room that is solely for you. When you put that room together you want a finished product that looks like perfection. You do not want your duvet cover...
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Our team understands that in the midst of a move or remodel, even the smallest tasks can seem overwhelming.

TOILE isn't your ordinary boutique and showroom. Finding your personal style and reflecting that style in your choice of decor is only half the battle. We offer turn key services that perfectly compliment our high quality linens.

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How to Measure Your Duvet for A Perfect Fit!

 Duvet Sizing - The Struggle is Real

One would think that a queen duvet would fit a queen duvet cover. Logical enough, however untrue. Every brand has their own “standard” sizing, whether it be the bedding, the duvets or the pillows. Here are a few examples of sizing

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What Are the Benefits of Alternative Down?

More and more people are waking up tired and at times with allergy-like symptoms. Many are quick to jump to the conclusion that they are allergic to their feather or down pillows and duvets. High demand means competitive markets which often leave consumers both confused and at times misinformed. With that in mind, here is what you need to know about alternative down pillows and duvets.
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What You Need to Know About College Dorms - Bedding & Germs!

College kids need all the sleep they can get!

We all know when our kids head off to college or university, sleep is not their main concern. With that in mind we, as parents, want to set our kids up for the best that they can possibly have... 

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Why You Are Not Actually Allergic to Your Pillow!

Hypo-allergenic, Anti-allergen, Synthetic Down, Alternative Down…buying a pillow or duvet these days is less than simple. It is a common misconception that most who experience allergic reactions to their pillows and duvets are allergic to down and feather. In fact, very few people...
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"l’art d’habiller le lit" - on

TOILE works with some of the top designers, click below for a glimpse of some of the beautiful projects we have been a part of! "Véritable référence en literie, TOILE Showroom collabore avec les designers les plus réputés de Montréal...
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Signature Sale Continues...IN STORE!

What can you expect from our IN STORE SALE? An amazing deal on our Signature Collection, discounts on all items in stock, all throw pillows in stock at $50 and 50% off display bedding!
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Maison & Demeure's Interview with Ingrid

"Curieux de connaitre les trucs d’une pro de literie, d’étoffes exquises et de service personnalisé, Maison & Demeure s’est entretenu avec Ingrid Bryson, propriétaire de TOILE Showroom...

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Tablecloths, Placemats & Napkins - Oh My!

Spring is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing - entertaining season has begun! Not only do many holidays fall around this time but the bright warmer weather sparks the inner host in us. Whether your table needs a simple refresher or a whole new look, finding the right table linens can be a challenge...
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Out of Africa - Crisp & Cool Percale

I know the title sounds like a stretch; what does Africa have to do with sheets. Well, through a common family connection, we sent our sheets out to Kenya!
The client’s criteria was crisp and cool with contemporary detailing on the duvet and shams. Read more...
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