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Spring is the perfect time to bring texture into the bedroom!

When we start to see signs of Spring, we rid our closets of coats and boots, we start thinking of garden parties, and we ditch all dark colours & heavy fabrics for all things light & airy.


Texture does wonders for our eyes, especially when it comes to dressing a bed! Thick quilted shams along the headboard to anchor the bed, a satin coverlet or throw along the foot of the bed for a glamorous feel, linen & velvet throw pillows to finish the look with flare - texture can elevate the look and feel of not only your bed but your entire bedroom. 

Spring Cleaning | The Bedroom

When we feel that warm Spring sun and open all the windows for the long-awaited Spring fresh air, one thing often comes to mind - Spring cleaning! While we spend time thinking about washing walls, shampooing carpets and cleaning windows, the bedroom is often neglected.

Trending: Quality Over Quantity

As we seek the trends for 2018 - traveling to trade shows in North America and Europe, reading up and reaching out to those in the industry - we find not colour or texture but rather philosophy is at the heart of this year's trend in interior design.

TOILE Turns 20

What's Changed, What's Stayed the Same & What Continues to Set Us Apart

A new year, a new score; that is to say that we have arrived at 20 years and are looking forward to the next 20 with great anticipation! 


Shopping for a new sleeping pillow? There are a few things to consider before buying. Here are the three top tips on finding the perfect pillow!