The Best Way to Make Your Bed for Fall & Winter

The Best Way to Make Your Bed for Fall & Winter

Do you feel like you just got your bed perfect for the summer months? Perfect sheets, the perfect duvet forever folded at the foot of the bed with just the right throw pillows...but now it's cold and only getting colder. Like some, you may feel that your duvet just doesn't cut it. You may feel you need a little something more to create the ultimate space to curl up in when it's cold. Maybe its time for a new pouffy duvet! 


Heavy weight duvets, blankets & throws aren't just useful in creating a style all of your own, but can do wonders for your sleep quality. Achieving your personal - unique to you - "ideal" temperate zone is vital for a good night's sleep.

If you find duvets make you too hot, try using a quilted coverlet or blanket to dress the bed. You can keep your duvet folded at the end of your bed or tuck it away for a minimal look.

If you are always freezing or love the fresh, cold air an open window provides, double up! Add a blanket under or even folded over your duvet for the option of extra warmth. A chunky knit throw is also a great option for a little extra warmth when you need it. 


If you want the ultimate cozy retreat, opt for soft Merino wool or Cashmere blankets and quilted Sateen coverlets. Paired with a sateen duvet cover and high loft duvet, your bed will keep you warm at night and deliver a dreamy, luxurious look. 

An Alpaca or Merino wool blanket/throw can add a sophisticated touch to a more modern style. A cotton weave or chunky knit blanket/throw can help tone down a more traditional, classic look. 

Blankets and throws not only provide simple touches of texture and warmth but are most often sought out for their neutral or vibrant colours. Tone it down with a warm Caramel colour, stream line your look with a Heather Grey or liven up a neutral colour scheme with a punch of vibrant colour!



Revelle "La Suite"      Matouk "Modal"        PCH "Gradation"       Marzotto "Afrodite"      Matouk "Orla"



St-G "Puccini"           Matouk "Pearl"        "Gettare" Throw          "Québec" Throw            HT "Basketweave"





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