Do It Up For Dad - Father's Day!

Do It Up For Dad - Father's Day!

I think that as a majority moms really luck out with Mother's Day. The morning is curried with sweet little tokens of love & affection and if we are lucky, our "Mommy Morning" turns into an all day we-love-mummy event! But what about the dads?

Now, of course, there are many of us who go the extra mile and help the kids deliver a perfect Father's Day. I think we can agree however, that they might not get the same amount of frills as we do on Mother's Day. Whether you do it up big for the man in your life, or lay low - which is a gift in itself, is it not? - you can find some great gift ideas below or share a few of your own with the rest of us!


Granted, not many men will swoon at the sight of a beautiful bouquet, but I can guarantee you that waking up to a breakfast tray adorned with a fresh cut flower or to a table full of daddy-we-love-you faces & a smashing center piece will make his heart swell with joy! Need some ideas or the perfectly arranged piece? Head on over to Westmount Florist, and you won't be disappointed!


They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and I don't think Father's Day is any different! Feed the man his favourite meals, including the one you used to make before you had kids & life took over, leaving the definition of a "home cooked meal" up for discussion. If someone else makes it fresh, daily - that still counts doesn't it? Sous Chef is our go-to for amazing, indulgent, gourmet...everything!


There is one ultimate gift that we know will bring long lasting pleasure to your man - the gift of the perfect pillow! It might not sound like much, but we have received a surmounting amount of praise on the 'Summit' pillow - a perfect balance of soft, down comfort & the right amount of neck support. A good pillow makes for a good night's sleep and a good night's sleep makes for a very happy camper! Check out the Summit pillow here. Pair it with a set of Valeria sheets for the ultimate "I love you Daddy" gift!

Whether you go big or you go small this year, do it up for Dad - he deserves it! 


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