April is just around the corner!

April is just around the corner!

You might be feeling like Spring will never come, but as it does, every year, you will be knee high in menus, centrepieces & more before you know it. This year we thought we would help you get a head start on table top!

While you might be lucky enough to find a ready made tablecloth in just the right size and colour, more often than not, it calls for some custom work or at the very least a special order. Finding the perfect tablecloth can often take time - in both choosing & ordering the linens - time that quickly runs out and often leaves the hostess feeling rushed & unsatisfied with the final outcome. Let's take a few minutes and map it all out, positioning you ahead of the game.


Calculating the right size tablecloth can be less than simple, check out our 5 Steps to the Perfect Tablecloth for an easy to follow guide. Once you know what size tablecloth you need, it's on to the fun part - picking the style and colour of your table linens!


Will your event be formal, informal or a little of both? Choose a longer drop (part of the tablecloth that hangs off the table) for a traditional, formal look and play with shorter drops, even table runners on a bare table, for a more playful, informal feel.


Choose one or two solid, neutral colours for all table linens (Cloth, Placemats & Napkins) for a minimalist look. Go for the complete formal feel with a silky sateen damask in a rich red, blue or purple. Take a crisp, neutral tablecloth and dress it up with mix and match placemats & napkins full of colour or patterns for a whimsical, fanciful table.

Feeling lost in a sea of options? Make an appointment with the team at TOILE for some good advice to make your vision a reality. Remember to bring the dimensions of your table & desired drop, as well as any ideas you might have when it comes to your dinnerware & centrepieces. Call us 514-486-2424 or email to set up an appointment for more details. 


To inspire your 2017 tabletop style, here is the latest from the best in table linens. Our favourite styles for entertaining come Spring.




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