From art on your sheets to the increasingly popular brass accent, Ingrid is sharing the latest in trends and product lines from the 2017 Toronto and New York trade shows. 


It's meaning - "Bespoke" is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. "It may be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual purchaser." - Wikipedia 

Bespoke is becoming more and more popular, as lines seek to lure the millennial customer. Millennials have a strong desire to differentiate and has them searching for unique products, particularly in their homes, to reflect their individual & original style.

Traditionally, customization in the bedroom was only available in linens. Now, there are companies that can tailor just about anything from upholstered beds, duvets & pillows, and even the comfort of your mattress.

Home Treasures (manufacturer of fully bespoke luxury Italian linens) expand the offering for bedding. The client can choose from base fabrics of cottons & linens, a wide - and we mean WIDE - variety of colours, and a well-developed stream of finishing options. The combinations are endless! Their quilted coverlets are something to covet!

Cashmere & Rare Fibre Throws are a new, fun favorite showing up in our showroom later this Spring. A unique piece is a simple 6 step process. Select your preferred fibre composition, weave weight, size and finish for a true made just for you!

Table linens have also joined the Bespoke trend. We will be featuring a new collection from Italy, that offers 36 linen colours, specially coated making them ultra resistant to wrinkles and stains. Stay tuned! 


The ultimate bespoke luxurious accessory? Indulge in luxurious accessories like deco pillows & throws. Choose from a selection of furs and colours, paired with a contrast of silk, velvet or baby alpaca for an incomparable touch to your design. 


Art on Bedding

Artist Laura Park, has lent her paintings to duvet covers, sheets & more in her new line, Live Vividly. Live Vividly is not only the name of the line of lifestyle products but also their motto.

"Inspired by the vibrant spirit of Laura Park’s original art, our collection of lifestyle products is designed to bring beauty and color to your surroundings. Live Vividly."- Live Vividly Website



In both Toronto and New York, we saw brass accents everywhere! Already popular in the interior design world, metallic accents are now appearing in bedding, accessories and even bath rugs!


Not to be missed!

St-Genève, one of our favourite Canadian suppliers, introduced a line of organic sheets and a fabulous duvet! Both with the fine finishing they are known for and best of all, a more reasonable price point. 

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