Get Comfortable with your pillow

Get Comfortable with your pillow

We’re on the hunt for that perfect pillow and as you might realize, it’s all in the head of the beholder. What works for one  person is absolutely uncomfortable for the next. We have found our favorites, some for that particular mushy feel, some for the firm and bouncy, and some for price/value ratio.

There are so many factors in finding that perfect pillow and we have listed the reasons below.

Why is this so hard?  Well, we come in all shapes weights and sizes, which affect the way that each pillow feels to each individual.

Body position: there is the way in which we sleep i.e. side, stomach and back.

Type of fills: down, down and feather, synthetic and combinations thereof

Size matters: Which size of pillow do you like to sleep with and how many you like to sleep with.

Cost: here as well it’s not necessarily the most expensive that will bet suit your needs. Though a higher loft down will keep its spring better than most.

Ultimately the answer is it’s personal choice. 



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